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T3DUST and T3UXW join forces
lørdag, 16. august 2014 info@cybercraft.de
The two usability events for 2014 will be combined into one User eXperience Week from September 20th to 27th. Join T3UXW14 to improve user experience of the TYPO3 products.
TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day in Düsseldorf.
mandag, 04. august 2014
The TYPO3 Marketing Team is glad to announce that the date for the Agency Meetup Day in Düsseldorf has been set. Join us on September 2nd at the Jugendherberge. The success of the Agency Meetup Day in Frankfurt and the numerous registrations to the Hamburg and Munich meetups confirm the importance of these types of events for the participants.The Agency Meetup Days are a combined initiative of the TYPO3 Marketing Team and the Board of the TYPO3 Association. These gatherings have on one hand the aim of collecting feature and product improvements ideas from TYPO3 Agencies, and on the other hand they aim at gathering feedbacks on the work of the Association. The results of each Meetup will be collected and at a later stage consolidated into one report.   Each Agency Meetup Day is a...
Calling out a competition for ideas for community management 2015
mandag, 04. august 2014
For 2015, the TYPO3 Association wants to revise the way we do community management. Therefore we are calling out a competition for concepts for community management. Our aim is to have an open application phase for concepts for community management.
This Week in TYPO3 (Week 30, 2014)
lørdag, 02. august 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
We said it last time and we will say it again. It is hot and half of you are holidaying with friends and family. Yours truly churns a final weekly overview, before heading towards TYPOfree time. In this issue community contributions were coming in from the internetz. Last weekend saw two sprints, T3O has BIG plans and the T3A wants your budget application!
Committed to contribution - submit your 2015 budget application now!
torsdag, 31. juli 2014
The budgetary process 2015 officially starts on August 1st, 2014.
The Agency Meetup Day in Munich has been finalized. Enroll today and spread the word to your...
onsdag, 30. juli 2014
The TYPO3 Marketing Team will visit Bayern on August 20th.
Voting for the new release cycles for TYPO3 CMS
mandag, 28. juli 2014 ernesto.baschny@typo3.org
After a long preparation phase, discussions and refinement, we ask the whole TYPO3 Community to vote on the new concept for the release cycles for our TYPO3 CMS product in future.
This Week in TYPO3 (Week 28, 2014)
lørdag, 19. juli 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
The temperatures are soaring and the holidays have started for some and will start for others soon. Development wise not to much happened, but we do have a section on flexible content elements, a walkthrough tool and some more snippets here and there that will get your attention.
TYPO3 Neos Code Sprint June 2014
onsdag, 16. juli 2014
The Neos/Flow team met for another code sprint at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in the Netherlands leading up to the developer days. Three days were spent focussing on improving our tools, communication, discussing organizational matters, working on upcoming features and ended with finalizing the release of 1.1. The code sprint was medium sized with 13 participants in total.
Sponsor a TYPO3 Code Sprint
tirsdag, 15. juli 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
Throughout the year the TYPO3 project has many code sprints, where travel and lodging is usually covered under a budget provided by the TYPO3 Association. The teams ask you to contribute by sponsoring some drinks and food. Read what a code sprint is all about and how you sponsor a code sprint