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TYPO3 project focuses on TYPO3 CMS, Neos to start its own community
mandag, 18. maj 2015
The TYPO3 Association and the Neos team have begun negotiations about separating the Neos project from the TYPO3 Association. Work on Neos and its underlying PHP framework Flow started in 2006, originally intended as the successor of TYPO3 CMS. It has been continuously developed since then and is attracting a growing number of users and contributors. Knowledge gained in the process led to understanding that TYPO3 CMS and Neos are conceptually distinct products. Honoring this diversity, the TYPO3 Association, TYPO3 team and the Neos team have come to believe that separating the project on an organizational level will help the Neos project to be able to focus on its own product strategy and an infrastructure that will be dedicated to its own needs and opportunities. Transitioning Neos...
10 frequently asked TYPO3 questions
mandag, 27. april 2015 ben@typo3.org
Here are the answers to the 10 frequently asked questions from This Week in TYPO3 (2015, Week 13)
Announcing the 2015 TYPO3 Agency Meetup Series
fredag, 24. april 2015
The Agency Meetup Days in 2014 have been quite a success. Giving both the agencies and the marketing team the platform to discuss business related topics, along with others, is essential to enlarge the footprint of TYPO3 out there in the wild. With the 2015 edition we want to focus more on what we could do and involve as many people as possible in potential (micro-)marketing initiatives. We are now ready to announce the dates for the Meetups. Events 04.08.2015, Copenhagen 05.08.2015, Berlin 19.08.2015, Hamburg20.08.2015, London10.09.2015, Frankfurt24.09.2015, Utrecht24.09.2015, Munich (yes, both on the same date)01.10.2015, Paris07.10.2015, Bern08.10.2015, Dusseldorf15.10.2015, Milano05.11.2015, Vienna For the first time we will be in the UK, in Italy as well as in Austria. If...
TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 - What was it about?
torsdag, 23. april 2015
The TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 took place at the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany, from 13th to 15th of April, wrapped around the General Assembly (GA) of the TYPO3 Association.
Establishing a Product Owner for TYPO3 CMS
onsdag, 22. april 2015 benni@typo3.org
Introducing Mathias Schreiber as the main contact for getting people into the TYPO3 CMS development, as well as a non-coding person for un-blocking product-related topics and speeding up future-proof product development.
Values of the TYPO3 Community – an Open Source Ecosystem
mandag, 20. april 2015
The initial part of the TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 in Essen has been dedicated to the creation of a common ground for the following discussions and conversations. The participants of the event all together have reminded each other and defined what the key values of the TYPO3 Community are.
Book: Modern Extension Development for TYPO3 CMS with Extbase & Fluid
torsdag, 16. april 2015
Say HELLO to the English Extbase book. After a year of intensive work Michael Schams and Patrick Lobacher have published a book on modern extension development for TYPO3 CMS with Extbase and Fluid.
This Week in TYPO3 (2015, Week 13)
mandag, 13. april 2015
In Week 13 we wrap up the preceding three weeks with Inspiring Conference, CMS Garden, Docker for TYPO3, how to clear cache, the combined sprint in the Harz and more news.
Results of the TYPO3 Association Elections 2015
torsdag, 09. april 2015
The TYPO3 Association (T3A) communicates the results of the 2015 elections for the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) and Business Control Committee (BCC). The TYPO3 Association gladly welcomes the new members and thanks the leaving ones for their commitment and collaboration in the past years.
This Week in TYPO3 (2015, Week 10)
fredag, 20. marts 2015 ben@typo3.org
TYPO3 CMS 4.5 Extended Long-Term-Support Plan, Election 2015, Budget 2015, General Assembly & Dialogue Days, TYPO3camps, T3UXW15 and about the new T3DD website.