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“Bringing people together who share the same passion” – TYPO3Camp Venlo 2017
søndag, 26. marts 2017
The international TYPO3Camp Venlo was not just two days of sharing knowledge and touching on the latest technological advancements in the TYPO3 community. According to Mathias Schreiber 11, 12 and 13th of March were days meant to bring people together who share the same passion, TYPO3. A very worthwhile cause.
Developer Days 2017: Registration has opened
torsdag, 23. marts 2017
Go to Sweden this summer: Register for bright summer nights at T3DD17 in Malmö, 13th – 16th July.
Fifth international TYPO3camp in Venlo, The Netherlands
søndag, 05. februar 2017 mathias.bolt.lesniak@typo3.org
Expect a wide array of seasoned speakers when the 5th TYPO3camp in Venlo kicks off, 9th March, 2017. The two-day event targets newbies and experienced TYPO3 enthusiasts alike.
TYPO3 in the Cloud – User Group meets Microsoft
lørdag, 04. februar 2017 peter.kraume@typo3.org
At the invitation of Microsoft, the next meeting of the Munich TYPO3 User Group (MTUG) will be on February 7th, at 7pm, at the brand new Microsoft Germany headquarters in Munich Schwabing.
Report on the combined server / typo3.org / design / documentation Team Sprint in Basel (Jan 2017)
tirsdag, 31. januar 2017 michael.stucki@typo3.org
Podcast about TYPO3 8
fredag, 30. december 2016 sebastian.michaelsen@typo3.org
The TYPO3 Podcast T3Bits released its episode "T3B020: TYPO3 8" starring Benni Mack.
Smooth movement to LDAP for Single Sign On
onsdag, 21. december 2016 t3o@typo3.org
Based on a productive collaboration of the Server Team and the typo3.org Team, we have set up a LDAP service to replace the current Single Sign On (SSO) solution which is integrated into the typo3.org website.
This Week in TYPO3 (2016, Week 49)
tirsdag, 20. december 2016 ben@typo3.org
A wide range of companies have been contributing in various ways to the TYPO3 project in the past and are still contributing as is common for open source projects. Our whole infrastructure for instance would never have been possible were it not for these contributions. Once in awhile there is a company that goes the extra mile. In This Week we highlight 3 projects that are pretty meaningful to the community. We have a look at maintenance of one of the very first TYPO3 extensions. Besides that we report on more community highlights and events for the new year 2017
Results of the typo3.org Design Contest
lørdag, 03. december 2016 thomas.loeffler@typo3.org
On 3rd November, we announced the typo3.org Design Contest to get impressions and ideas from the community for the new typo3.org website. Now we want to present the winners.
Report on the combined Server Admin and typo3.org Team Sprint in Würzburg (November 2016)
lørdag, 26. november 2016 steffen.gebert@typo3.org
The combined code sprints of the Server Admin Team and the typo3.org team took place at the University of Würzburg over the weekend from November 11-13. In total, 13 participants worked on concepts and code for the (new) typo3.org web site, as well as the projects server infrastructure. typo3.org - Conceptional Work The team reviewed the typo3.org user survey which was conducted some weeks ago. We structured the results into different areas (like design & usability, content, functions) and defined conclusions for each area. One result is that we have to improve the connection between our existing sites, especially between typo3.org and typo3.com. The sites are addressing different target groups, but will still have to share some content (mainly about our products). So we want to...