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Committed to Contribution - budget applications published.
torsdag, 23. oktober 2014
The budget applications for 2015 are online. Feedback required from you!
The Community Working Group hangs out with Ashe Dryden
fredag, 17. oktober 2014 ben@typo3.org
The community working group had a hangout with Ashe Dryden to get some input on how to increase diversity, be inclusive and at the same time spread TYPO3.
Join us in improving our community management
torsdag, 16. oktober 2014
The TYPO3 Association wants to improve our way of doing community management. For that we invite everyone, from inside and outside our TYPO3 community to send in ideas, concepts and out-of-the-box solutions of how community management should be for the next 5 years. Consider this an alternative job application, since the best idea will be selected to do the job.
TYPO3 Neos Code Sprint October 2014
mandag, 13. oktober 2014 berit@typo3.org
Between 27th of september and 5th of october nearly 30 people met in Denmark at an amazing castle to work on TYPO3 Neos. Participants from the United States, Cambodia, Russia and all over Europe worked on several parts of the content management system with the major goals to improve the user experience, add additional features and fix bugs.
TYPO3 at OpenExpo CMS Madrid
mandag, 13. oktober 2014
OpenExpo will open its new season with an event on Open Source Content Management Systems that will be held on October 15 in Madrid.
TYPO3 User eXperience Week 2014 - Full report on T3UXW14
mandag, 06. oktober 2014
A small house in the middle of the forest. The weather is rainy, fog all around. 30 people in the middle of nowhere with no place to run - no one would hear you scream.   What sounds like the plot of a horror movie, turned out to be one of the most productive open source meetups in history of TYPO3.
TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day in Mannheim.
onsdag, 01. oktober 2014
The last of the TYPO3 Agency Meetups stops for 2014 will be in Mannheim.
Start of the User eXperience Week
tirsdag, 23. september 2014 ben@typo3.org
The user experience week 2014 is about usability of the backend, themes and distributions. Some 30 participants work for one week in a remote location in the heart of Germany on these topics.
Meet TYPO3 at the Internet Festival in Pisa
tirsdag, 23. september 2014
TYPO3 will be present at the Internet Festival in Pisa, between October 9 and October 12.
TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day in Paris.
mandag, 22. september 2014
The TYPO3 Marketing Team will visit France on November 13.