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Report on the combined Server Admin and typo3.org Team Sprint in Würzburg (November 2016)
lørdag, 26. november 2016 steffen.gebert@typo3.org
The combined code sprints of the Server Admin Team and the typo3.org team took place at the University of Würzburg over the weekend from November 11-13. In total, 13 participants worked on concepts and code for the (new) typo3.org web site, as well as the projects server infrastructure. typo3.org - Conceptional Work The team reviewed the typo3.org user survey which was conducted some weeks ago. We structured the results into different areas (like design & usability, content, functions) and defined conclusions for each area. One result is that we have to improve the connection between our existing sites, especially between typo3.org and typo3.com. The sites are addressing different target groups, but will still have to share some content (mainly about our products). So we want to...
This Week in TYPO3: T3CON16
søndag, 06. november 2016 ben@typo3.org
On October 26 and 27, the 12th European TYPO3 conference took place in Munich, Germany. For the second time the conference was accompanied by the TYPO3 Award ceremony, celebrating and awarding the most outstanding TYPO3 projects of agencies and customers in 2015 / 2016 on the closing night.
Design Contest for typo3.org relaunch 2017
torsdag, 03. november 2016 thomas.loeffler@typo3.org
tl;dr: For the design and technical relaunch of typo3.org beginning in 2017, we would like to start a contest. You’re a creative designer or great at conception? Start your design program and have the chance to create the main design of typo3.org! The best three designs will be awarded with a prize.
Participate at the TYPO3 Marketingsprint !
fredag, 21. oktober 2016
TYPO3 has been growing and growing during the past 3 years… The founding of the TYPO3 Inc had a huge impact on the community and the product itself so we're able to look back on a large quantity of big achievements in the development process and can all look forward to a bright and thriving future. The collaboration between a professional branding agency, the TYPO3 Inc and the marketing team has set one single goal: to make TYPO3 the best CMS worldwide. We strive to achieve this goal not because it is easy, but because it is hard! Here we need your help. The marketing sprint is the place to be if you're not a coder but want to take action and contribute to the project. You know marketing? PR? Sales? Conception, writing, organizing or have other skills that fit into the roster...
Report on the Server Admin Team Sprint in Berlin (October 2016)
fredag, 14. oktober 2016 andri.steiner@typo3.org
The third sprint of the TYPO3 Server Admin Team in 2016 took place during the weekend of September 30th - October 2nd in Berlin.
Extraction of TYPO3 Extension Repository
torsdag, 13. oktober 2016 thomas.loeffler@typo3.org
We're giving a short outlook on the upcoming changes of the TYPO3 extension repository which will be separated from typo3.org.
Project announcement: typo3.org relaunch 2017
torsdag, 13. oktober 2016 michael.stucki@typo3.org
The current typo3.org was launched in April 2012. It’s about time to renew the most important site for our community. Here is a status report (and a call for help!) from the newly formed relaunch team.
Codesprint Poland
lørdag, 08. oktober 2016
The core team meets the polish community and works on topics like language handling, upgrade analysis and smooth migration.
Submit your 2017 budget application
mandag, 19. september 2016
The budgetary process 2017 officially starts on September 19, 2016.
Extension key clean-up - update your typo3.org account
mandag, 25. juli 2016 thomas.loeffler@typo3.org
The typo3.org maintenance team is planning clean-up operations for the many unused extension keys.Currently there are over 15,000 extension keys which are still unused (meaning that there was no version uploaded) and blocked by their respective owners. Some are blocking the extension keys on purpose, but many aren't active any more or forgot their extension keys. Our plan is to run a daily task to get all unused extension keys that have not been touched for one year and send a mail to each owner with a list of their extension keys about to expire. From that day forth the owner has 30 days to take action in the extension key management: Releasing the extension key to the public, so another developer can use this keyKeep the extension key (the process of expiration will be started again...