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Submit your 2017 budget application
mandag, 19. september 2016
The budgetary process 2017 officially starts on September 19, 2016.
Extension key clean-up - update your typo3.org account
mandag, 25. juli 2016 thomas.loeffler@typo3.org
The typo3.org maintenance team is planning clean-up operations for the many unused extension keys.Currently there are over 15,000 extension keys which are still unused (meaning that there was no version uploaded) and blocked by their respective owners. Some are blocking the extension keys on purpose, but many aren't active any more or forgot their extension keys. Our plan is to run a daily task to get all unused extension keys that have not been touched for one year and send a mail to each owner with a list of their extension keys about to expire. From that day forth the owner has 30 days to take action in the extension key management: Releasing the extension key to the public, so another developer can use this keyKeep the extension key (the process of expiration will be started again...
Crowdfunding features in TYPO3 v8 - ckeditor Integration
torsdag, 07. juli 2016 benjamin.mack@typo3.org
The goals set for TYPO3 v8 LTS, to be released in April 2017, have raised high expectations. While a lot of groundwork is being laid, TYPO3 association member Pixelant AB with their very active CEO Robert Lindh in the TYPO3 community, has offered to support TYPO3 Core development with their own manpower to deliver the next generation of Rich Text Editing for TYPO3. The current development in this area is in full swing: A lot of legacy functionality for “transforming” data between the existing RTE HtmlArea and the TYPO3 Core has been simplified, along with a better and unified logic to link to pages, files, emails and external URLs. Additionally, the current RTE (rtehtmlarea), which is based on the legacy ExtJS framework which is still in use, is simplified into the native...
Report on the Server Admin Team sprint in Hannover (May 2016)
onsdag, 29. juni 2016 admin_REMOVE_ME@typo3.org
It's already a few weeks ago that the second sprint of the TYPO3 Server Admin Team in 2016 took place. The team met on the weekend of May 20-22 in Hannover.
Register now for a TYPO3 Agency Meetup 2016 near you!
torsdag, 02. juni 2016 Bianca.Niestroj@typo3.org
The marketing team has now finished the preparation and schedule for the 2016 Agency Meetup Days. Register now for an event in your area. The Agency Meetup Days in 2014 and 2015 have been quite a success. Giving both the agencies and the marketing team the platform to discuss business related topics, along with others, is essential to enlarge the footprint of TYPO3 out there in the wild. In 2016 we want to focus more on “networking” to enable agencies to get to know each other and to profit from the knowledge of each other. We are now ready to announce the dates for the Meetups. The cities are the same as last year except of Bologna which was requested by last years participants. Locations 11.07.2016, Berlin12.07.2016, Hamburg 18.08.2016, Bern23.08.2016, Copenhagen25.08.2016...
typo3.org code sprint Rosenheim
lørdag, 14. maj 2016
Cleaning the house. From 12th to 14th of may 2016 that typo3.org team met in Rosenheim.
TYPO3Camp Venlo 2016
tirsdag, 10. maj 2016
April 22nd and 23rd marked the dates for the TYPO3Camp Venlo 2016. It was the fourth time the event took place. Together with a codesprint at MaxServ prior to T3CV this maxed out activity in the dutch TYPO3 community.
Report on the Server Admin Team sprint in Stuttgart (March 2016)
fredag, 25. marts 2016 admin_REMOVE_ME@typo3.org
The first sprint of the TYPO3 Server Admin Team in 2016 took place during the weekend of March 18-20 in Stuttgart.
This Week in TYPO3 (2016, week 9)
torsdag, 17. marts 2016
This Week: International TYPO3camps Venlo and Vienna coming up, Extbase & Fluid Second edition in English. Entering the final stage of the TYPO3 Inc. and kicking of version 8.
Discontinuation of the Subversion Service at svn.typo3.org
lørdag, 05. marts 2016 steffen.gebert@typo3.org
Five years after the move of TYPO3 CMS to Git, the Subversion server svn.typo3.org will be shut down on May 1st, 2016.