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This Week in TYPO3 (Week 28, 2014)
lørdag, 19. juli 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
The temperatures are soaring and the holidays have started for some and will start for others soon. Development wise not to much happened, but we do have a section on flexible content elements, a walkthrough tool and some more snippets here and there that will get your attention.
TYPO3 Neos Code Sprint June 2014
onsdag, 16. juli 2014
The Neos/Flow team met for another code sprint at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in the Netherlands leading up to the developer days. Three days were spent focussing on improving our tools, communication, discussing organizational matters, working on upcoming features and ended with finalizing the release of 1.1. The code sprint was medium sized with 13 participants in total.
Sponsor a TYPO3 Code Sprint
tirsdag, 15. juli 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
Throughout the year the TYPO3 project has many code sprints, where travel and lodging is usually covered under a budget provided by the TYPO3 Association. The teams ask you to contribute by sponsoring some drinks and food. Read what a code sprint is all about and how you sponsor a code sprint
This Week in TYPO3 (Week 27, 2014)
lørdag, 12. juli 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
Week 27 holds some info on the preceding week as well and there is loads of actvity going on in the TYPO3 world. Ernesto Baschny talks about the release plans in a post 6.2 era and is looking for your feedback, as usual and especially in this season there are lots of events and TYPO3camps. The organisation for the coming TYPO3 conference is in full gear, the TYPO3 Association is pushing out a lot of activity and we have some event news.
Change in the Marketing team
fredag, 04. juli 2014 alain.veuve@typo3.org
With the first half of 2014 coming to an end, I looked back to the progress of the marketing team during the past six months. What I saw was not promising: There have been meetings, discussions, plans and work, but almost no results. Results in the sense of achievements in the market. While every member of the marketing team did what they could, I felt there was far too little output compared to the amount of hours invested. I decided for myself that continuing like this is not an option, neither is stepping down.
First Education Committee Sprint ahead
onsdag, 02. juli 2014 peter@typo3.org
The TYPO3 Education Committee will have its first meetup on July 10th - 12th in Gemünd/Eifel near Cologne. The main topic is to come up with a long term strategy and work on detailed plans for 2014 and 2015.
This Week in TYPO3 (Week 24, 2014)
lørdag, 28. juni 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
For week 24 we have two events to highlight. One event was CMS Day organised by the French open source company SMILE and of course our main community event the TYPO3 Developer Days. This week also saw the release of TYPO3 Neos 1.1 and TYPO3 Flow 2.2. We have two code sprints weekend and a TYPO3camp in Berlin.
Server Admin and PHP Unit code sprints
lørdag, 28. juni 2014 ben.vantende@typo3.org
The Server Admin Team is sprinting in Lucerne and a PHP Unit sprint is going on in Hamburg.
After the LTS is before the LTS
mandag, 23. juni 2014 ernesto.baschny@typo3.org
The TYPO3 CMS team is discussing about the release cycles of this product after the 6.2 LTS release. We learned from the past and wanted to improve the release process for everybody involved: developers, active contributors, agencies, customers. To allow everbody to participate actively in shaping the future of the CMS releases, we want to give the opportunity for everyone to join the discussion around the future of the TYPO3 CMS releases.   Shortly after the 6.2 LTS Release the Active Contributors meeting in Nürnberg gave the team the opportunity to do a retrospective not only on the 6.2 release process, but also analyse the transition from 4.5 LTS to 6.2 LTS in general, and what happened in between. The reflection culiminated in the first ideas on how to proceed from now on. From...
TYPO3 Flow 2.2 released
mandag, 23. juni 2014 karsten@typo3.org
Along with the release of Neos 1.1 on June 19th the team also released version 2.2.0 of the TYPO3 Flow framework - a natural consequence of Flow being the base for Neos. The new release comes with a number of bugfixes, numerous new features and noticeable speed improvements.